Introducing Café Provence on Blush Hill

Café Provence on Blush Hill

45 Blush Hill Rd

Waterbury, VT 05676
(802) 244-7822

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Cooking Class Thursday 10/30

Join us this Thursday (10/30) at 5:30 for Cooking Class with Chef Robert Barral!  Chef will show us how to prepare Lobster bisque, Baked haddock...

Prime Rib Friday Nights!

22.95 Queen Cut, 26.95 King Cut, 14.59 Kids Cut.  Served with asparagus, au jus and choice of garlic mashed or herb roasted red...

Cooking Classes at Cafe Provence!

Chef Barral generously shares his classic cooking techniques with students and home chefs of all abilities.  These demonstrations conclude with participants sampling the creations-and...